Amsterdam Weather

If you planning on visiting Amsterdam, you should pay attention to the weather. Temperatures and whether conditions can turn out very oscillatory from hour to hour in the same day. As a consequence of its geographic location, 15 miles inland very closet to the sea, Amsterdam is a rainy city, almost irrespective of the season. It depends, however, on the time of the year you choose for your trip.

If you plan on visiting Amsterdam in January, get ready for temperatures between an average low of -1ºC and an average high of 5ºC and average precipitations of 7.0 cm. In February, the average high adds 1ºC, reaching 6ºC, but maintains he average low at -1ºC. The average amount of precipitations drops in February down to 5.0cm, which makes his month one of the poorest in precipitations next to April. The first spring month, March, brings average high temperatures of 9º C and lows of 1ºC. In March, precipitations will be just as abundant as in January, which is 7.0cm.


In April, weather turns significantly warmer, reaching average high temperatures of 13ºC and sometimes even up to 26ºC. Average lows are situated around 3ºC. In April, you will need the umbrella just as much as in February, that is less than in any other month. Precipitations reach a 5.0cm level this month. May introduces the warm season in Amsterdam with average high values in temperature of up to 17ºC and average lows of 7ºC.

May June

May is described as having average precipitations between 5.0 cm and 7.0 cm. Summer begins with average high/low temperatures of 20/10º C in June and approximately 12 days of rain, as meteorologists estimate the average value of 7.0 cm. July, however, is 2º C warmer, but also richer in precipitations. Average temperatures between 22º C and 12º C are accompanied by 8.0 cm of rain in average, in other words approximately 15 days of rain.


In August, temperatures keep, basically, the same range as in July, wih the exception that you will only have to endure around 12-13 days of precipitations (7.0 cm). Fall comes by taking thermometers down to an average high of 19ºC and an average low of 9ºC in September. It will also rain about 12 days this month, so don't forget your umbrella! October drops averages down to 15ºC/7ºC and maintains precipitations at 7.0 cm.


November becomes colder with an average high of only 9º C and low temperatures around 3ºC, and also rainier, with up to 15 days of rain (8.0 cm). The first month of winter,


December, registers average high/lows of 6ºC/ 1ºC and precipitations of 8.0 cm, which is up to half a month of rainy days. In Amsterdam, during the winter season, you will see little snow, a consequence of the beach clima dominating the region.


Also, keep in mind that average temperatures may not reflect the weather conditions you will be confronted with. They serve only as guiding line for your plans. As a general feature of the weather conditions in Amsterdam, you can easily remember its unpredictability and short term changes.

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